IEEA - Theoritical Studies in Electromagnetism

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IEEA : Antennas, Propagation, EMC, RCS, and much more...

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Since 1987, IEEA offers consultancy in electromagnetics. Major competencies include antenna analysis and designs, propagation (ionospheric, tropospheric), mainly scintillation effects, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) studies, radar cross section (RCS) computations, space weather modeling, and rough surface scattering calculations.

Consultancy may include the development of custom made software. Software for antenna analysis and design, propagation (scintillations) and RCS calculations are commercialized.

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IEEA's Scintillation Station in Bahir Dar

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In collaboration with the University of Bahir Dar and the DLR, a new station has been set up in June in Bahir Dar (Ethiopia). Analyzing the data collected will provide a better understanding of the ionospheric scintillation phenomena of the GNSS signal in Africa. Two other stations, set up by the University of Berlin (TUB) and the DLR may aim to measure the sizes of the inhomogeneities bubbles in the ionosphere.

scintillations station bahir dar

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