IEEA - Theoritical Studies in Electromagnetism

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Icare overview

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3D Antenna Analysis



ICARE software allows the complete modelling of antennas, in particular:

  • Calculation of antenna pattern (near field and far field)
  • Determination of input and output antenna characteristics (impedance, coupling, gain, sidelobe levels, cross polar levels, …)
  • Evaluation of RF coupling on-platform
  • HF antennas
  • RCS of targets of any shape

A very convenient GUI has been developed. ICARE uses GID software for pre and post processing allowing viewing the geometry and the electromagnetic data super imposed on it, and post processing: currents, near field maps, far field patterns, …


Calculation Technique

ICARE uses surface EFIE / MFIE formulation for analyzing general structures including dielectrics. Roof-top functions are used for describing geometries, which allows most flexibility for discretizing surfaces. It includes highly accurate matrix computation routines, which improve accuracy of obtained results on sensitive parameters such like VSWR. An out-of-core technique for solving problems of any size has been implemented. In addition a parallel version has been developed.

An optical physical optics method module is also available which allows considering large size objects such like reflector antennas.

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